The no money blues.

Friday, July 6, 2007

I am broke. No, that's not accurate, I am beyond broke. I am out of money and there's just absolutely nothing I can do about it. I get paid for my teaching job on the 10th of each month, which is Tuesday. I get paid for my summer job on the 11th, which is Wednesday. I transfered money from WaMu (where I don't yet have an ATM card or really much money actually IN the account) to my bank but it won't be in my regular account until Monday. So this weekend, I am broke. I mean, really really really broke. I couldn't even order pizza if I was starving to death, not that that would be my go-to food item.

And the broke-ness is starting to impact my social life. The problem is that I'm hanging out with people my age or younger, many of which are still living with their parents or on their dime, so they have money (I'm not saying that some of them don't have hard-earned money, but they're all working the same job I am, so they haven't been paid yet either), and I do not. I was invited to a Dodgers game tonight (I have friends, now all I need to do is encourage them to come to Louisiana!), with nice nice people and I had to say no, which just plain sucked. Since I'm out of money and my credit card is rapidly filling up, it's just not possible.

I guess the irony is that after a long hard week, I'm so looking forward to the weekend, and yet, more so, I cannot wait for Monday. Or Tuesday. Or Wednesday. I guess I'm just looking forward to the future in general. Pretty optimistic of me, huh?


kim-d said...

Awwww, that really kinda sucks that you couldn't go to the game with your friends because of the dreaded no-money-situation. That is one thing I like about being older; no matter how broke I am now, it's NEVER as broke as I was in my early 20s! The good part about hanging with people your age, though, is that there will be something else to do with them this next weekend, after everyone has been paid. When you get to be my age, if you don't do whatever activity is planned, the chance may not come around again for a few weeks--HAHAHA! I'm just glad to hear you're having fun and that you haven't been injured due to being coordination challenged. I definitely know what that's like!