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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Okay, so my head doesn't hurt, that's good right? And I may have picked out a bridesmaid's dress. Two good things.

I think that's where the list ends. Because my head doesn't hurt, but I have a cold, I haven't had a voice since Sunday (okay, perhaps it's not the lack of voice, it's the lack of not sounding like a 13 year old boy) and the wedding shiz-nat is hitting the fan again.

My voice started to crack yesterday morning and it's been downhill since then. It's not terrible yet, I'm still mostly comprehensible, but I'd say that it's likely that it will get worse before it gets much better. I'm also all stuffy, so add the no nasal function with the cracky voice and it's none too great. Add to that that I work with people who like to pick on me and just imagine what my day was like.

And then I went bridesmaid dress looking with one parental unit and a bridesmaid today. Which was great, I found a few dresses I liked and one that I really liked. We discussed ordering it and it's just awesome, I'm so excited. But as I've learned, nothing good happens with the wedding without someone being unhappy about it. I informed a different parental unit that I picked out a dress with that other parental unit (and the parental unit KNEW who I was going to be with, this was NOT a surprise) and the parental unit not involved in the picking out is totally upset now. There's just no way to please everyone. I'm going wedding dress shopping this weekend with the upset parental unit, but I don't know that it will make it all better, and I just really don't want to have to find a different dress to appease the masses. Why, why can't my family just work together and be HAPPY? Oh yes, because then there'd be nothing to bitch about and we'd actually have to spend good quality time with each other doing that listening and loving stuff.

Is it really only Tuesday? Really? Excuse me while I go play a rousing game of car tag.


kim-d said...

Gosh, no wonder your freakin' brain is ready to blow up. Forget that I told you it's good you don't murder anyone in the fam as it makes for uncomfortable family get-togethers. Murder away! This is supposed to be a fun, wonderful time for you and there is no reason it shouldn't be. Unfortunately, not everyone is willing to look at things in unselfish ways when we'd like them to. However, that DOES NOT mean that you have to try to appease anybody. Really! DO NOT--I repeat, DO NOT--change anything that you really like to appease somebody who obviously wants to be in a snit no matter what the situation is. They're your fam and ya gotta love 'em, but this is your one and only wedding and if they can't help you to make it the happy, fun experience that it can and should be, then I think you should do all things wedding-related with somebody who is happy and excited with you and won't be a big party pooper. Like me. HAHAHA! Seriously, why does it seem that some people just need to always piss all over a parade. And usually those "some people" are family members. That's why it's nice to also have the non-family members that you've picked to be your "chosen family." They're like family, but only nicer. HA! Do whatever ya gotta do to make this special for yourself!