Can I get that with a side of Xanax?

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

So I leave for New Orleans on Friday!!!!! (have I mentioned that before this? Really, I have? Weird), and I'm just checking out some details of the trip before I leave. Because, you know, that means I can put off packing for one more day.

So first I go to the National Hurricane Center (my current obsession) to see what the "Tropical Weather Outlook" is for the next few days. There's a tropical storm out in the mid-Atlantic, but I'm rather unconcerned about that one. It's this one (listed down further) that I'm more concerned about. It's been looking like it has potential to form a tropical storm for several days and it's just not quitting. Not cool Windward Islands, not cool. I'm more than a little concerned.

And then, for a good measure, I start looking at weather predictions for this weekend, for the road trip. And at EVERY CITY along the way, Thunderstorms are predicted when we're planning on driving through.

So yea, um, if I don't make it to New Orleans, assume it's because after watching a lightning storm I locked myself in a hotel room and have taken to sitting in the corner humming to myself.