Turn turn turn...

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

We looked at wedding location number 3 today and let me tell you, it's going to be a tough decision. We're seeing the 4th and final location tomorrow and then we need to crunch numbers. And learn how to be decisive. It'll be interesting, that's for sure.

But on the way back from the wedding place we were stuck in traffic (yea, I know, news flash, traffic in Los Angeles) when I saw perhaps the greatest spectacle ever. First, you should know that on Sunday I saw a woman pushing a small dog in a stroller and I was pretty amused by that. It's not like she had a kid with her and just stuck the dog in the stroller, it was like she was going for a walk and the dog was along for the ride. That's a special kind of laziness on the dog's part.

But today, today I saw a dog with it's own set of wheels. Yes, like all the movies that you think are highly ridiculous and improbable, this dog had a built in set of WHEELS instead of hindlegs. Like, it walked on it's front two legs, but had it's butt attached to a cart and it just rolled. It was a small brown weiner dog. On wheels. And all I could think of when I watched it was what would happen when it got going down hill and started going ass-over-end.

And so tonight while I struggle through sociology, which by the way is the bastard child of history and psychology, and is only half as interesting as either, I'm going to be constantly amused and distracted at the thought of a small brown weiner dog trying to steady itself as it literally takes flight down a hill. I wonder if it has hand brakes?


Anonymous said...

Just to let you know, I am a long tiime follower of your blog, my name is Alicia, I live in Fresno (Hi, sister-city friend!) and I have a Dachshund with disc problems. The dog you saw almost 100% likely had the same, but worse than my dog. That is the last step before having a dog put down, when the back is so bad. When the dogs are put in these devices, it enables them to truly walk, sometimes even run, and be pain free. It is a wonderful thing to see. LA and especially Sandy Eggo are areas of HUGE weenies on wheels! It sounded like you were kind of poking fun at the dog/owner with the wheels (not talking about the stroller one) so I wanted to let you know what the deal was, in case you were not familiar w/ it.

Best wishes-