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Sunday, June 10, 2007

I'm seriously going crazy here. CRAZY. I love my family, I really do, and I even tolerate my step-dad's family okay, which is who I spent the vast majority of the day with, but seriously, I need me some space. Actually that's not true, I don't need space, I need space FROM my family. Other people I can tolerate just fine right now, I need space from anyone I'm related to (blood or marriage). I felt crappy all day, but I got dressed up (in a dress that, if I had to describe it would say looks a lot like wrapping paper), I did my hair/makeup, pretended to care and did what I had to do. But I did not care. Not one bit. And you can't make me.

Tomorrow is lunch with my mom (where we're actually going to browse wedding dresses, so that's pretty fun, I have to admit) then I think I'm spending the evening with my Dad. Ironically being home for a week now I have not consumed a single home-cooked meal. When you have as many competing families as I do, you go out to eat a lot. What I wouldn't give for, I don't know, chicken? Something that's not made by a restaurant or a fast food joint would be so nice. I'd even cook it if it means I'd get to eat it.

Oh, and the highlight of the day? Someone introduced me to EVERYONE at the wedding shower we had today (not for me, for my step-sister) as my (Perfect) Sister (in all fairness to her, our names start with the same sound). So for like half of the shower, everyone thought I was my sister. Nevermind that we don't look at all alike and I've seen these people tons of times, just call me whatever jumps into your head first. Yes, that's all fine. Don't worry about these complexes, they'll resolve on their own. Much like the 6 day headache.


kim-d said...

Ah yes! I'd say everything is going right according to schedule with the fam. By next week, you'll be ready to kill them all. Well, maybe just the Perfect Sister. She'll just have to take one for the team. HAHAHA!

I know what you mean about the name thing...really! I've gotten "Pam" "Bev" and "Deb" mostly which, I guess, if you don't listen and you could not care less, you COULD hear rather than "Kim." But a couple of weeks ago, I was introduced as "Amy." Okay, give me a break. Kim? Amy? That's a real stretch. Ironically enough, that's one of my favorite names, but still...Just chip another hunk out of the self-esteem. Hehehe.

I hope you're able to speak to The Mr. several times a day...that would help with the sanity issue. At the very least, once a day. And go out for a walk by yourself. And breathe deep. And keep blogging. And I'll keep giving you great "sanity saving" ideas. HAHAHAHA!

What kind of wedding dress do you want? I can't wait to hear about it. Or are you not sharing?

Sneak into someone's kitchen and make yourself something good to eat...