An excerpt from the ongoing summer school email battle

Monday, June 18, 2007

I'm so flabbergasted by the professor's response that I have to share it. Anything in parentheses is my addendum to the email because some of it is just plain ridiculous and requires commenting.

Dear Ms. (my last name),

In a 25 items True or False/Multiple choice quiz such as Quiz #1, students are normally given only 20 minutes in my regular class to complete the test. For those who prepared (dorks), the amount of time allowed is more than enough--in fact, most students completed it less than this time frame (because they probably study). If you read the directions and my announcements, then you should've known that "you're not allowed to open books, notes, or anything other than the test." (first, I'd like you to find that for me, because it's not in the syllabus NOR is it posted online, I think you wrote it down in the rules to your fantasy onine game, second, I'd like you to take a poll so that you realize that NO ONE taking this online course is taking this quiz without notes. Or at least no one with any common sense whatsoever). You're given the same test with the same guidelines as the rest of the class. Nobody punished you or anybody for that matter. What you submitted is what determined the outcome of your perfomance on the quiz (except for that whole, didn't get to do the last two questions part).

Now if you're going to continue to have difficulty following instructions and if you cannot abide by the (STUPID) course policy and (WORTHLESS) procedures, I strongly suggest that you drop the course and find the one in which the instructor would allow you to dictate assessment techniques and course policies to him/her (um, speechlessly offended). You may want to consider a regular class without the constraints imposed by online course.

Best wishes,

Dr. Asshole who doesn't put two spaces between periods and the next sentence.


Now is it me, or does the salutation of "Best Wishes" just seem like she's taunting me? I really wanted to sign my reply "Shove it up your ass" or something of that nature, but I think I went with sincerely. Hard to remember consider how livid I was at the time.

Summer school is awesome. I think that there's probably no chance that she isn't going to lower my grade on account of the fact that she's the wicked witch of New Orleans and I killed her sister with emails.


Anonymous said...

So, you're calling people who study dorks, you're expecting to pass a quiz without studying for it, and you're objecting to the rules that the professor outlined as stupid and worthless?

I don't think the issue is with the professor.

School requires work, and if you're expecting to get through a course without studying or preparing for quizzes, then you likely shouldn't be taking the course, as she told you. Sounds like she just gave you a (well-deserved) smackdown. You don't get passing grades for not studying and not following the rules set out by the professor.

Also, since the advent of computers, it's not necessary to put two spaces in between a period and the beginning letter of the next sentence. Word processing programs handle kerning (letter spacing) better than typewriters, thus this convention has gone the way of the typewriter. Nobody does that anymore.

Anonymous said...

PS: I'd seriously examine your email that you sent to the professor. It sounds like you sent something that was patently offensive to her, and that's why you got the response you did. Perhaps you should work on your communication techniques, rather than blaming others for your unwillingness to follow the rules?