Saturday, June 9, 2007

The anonymous comment thing has been fixed. Perhaps I should do some research before I just say something completely untrue, like it's okay to leave anonymous comments?

Thanks for the heads up Pam.


PC said...

Thats what I am here for chica! Gee what do I need to do a volunteer week at a camp for kids with illness(hmm maybe things I dint own) so I see some shopping getting ready to starts..great fun.

kim-d said...

Hey Katie--This is less a blog thing, and more a CB thing, but I just prefer to write it here, okay?

I don't know if what Mary Lee wrote to you this morning helped you, but it sure helped me!! :) I already thanked her, so now I'm here to thank you--so thank you! HAHA, but not really. I am so grateful anytime I read anything that makes me feel like less of a head case (meaning a crazy hypochondriac, not serious actual head pain like yours).

Another thing I was thinking is this. Don't underestimate the effect that not being with The Mr. is having on you. There you are in CA, thousands of miles away from the person you love most in the world, and whose support is a huge source of strength for you. I don't think I'm the only one that actually suffers over that. Really, Katie, Bill has been gone over SIX years and there are still times that fact takes my breath away, and I can feel physically sick.

Back when we were going together and first married, ANY time I had to spend away from him--including work, for pete's sake--was so awful because I missed him so much. That hasn't changed!!!! My married friends back then used to all laugh at me and tell me I'd get over it in time, but I never did.

And all of this is the long way of saying, being away from him certainly does not help with your head pain and attendant problems. Don't ever underestimate the power of depression on your physical health!

As always, I'm here for ya, kiddo, if ya wanna talk. And a gentle hug for ya, too.