Eek, another clarification

Thursday, June 21, 2007

I wanted to address the comment from the dog post below because sometimes I'm not very clear and I know that intentions are not always known. I would be lying if I said I wasn't temporarily tempted to make fun of the owners of the dog on wheels because there are many jokes that could be made, and then I had the epiphany that if that happened to Karma (my cat) you can bet your ass she'd have a set of wheels. But they'd be pink for sure.

I totally respect the decision to care for pets and extend their lives, but actually seeing a dog on wheels was an odd experience for me and I cannot stop imagining the dog going up or down hills, I'm trying, but I can't. But no bashing, I swear.

Hugs, not bashing.


Anonymous said...

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mitchgib said...

We had a dog on wheels on our street when I was a child. The owner took her for a walk every day after dinner. The owner wore these high heeled sandles that make this distinctive clip clip clip, and the dogs wheels made this sreech screech screech, so you always knew when they were coming !
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for a famous wheely dog !