Crisis averted. Bring on the next one...

Saturday, June 30, 2007

We have the deposit sorted out, NO thanks to the people at WaMu. And by the way, the list of people that my WaMu anger includes has grown exponentially since this morning.

You see, first I called WaMu central headquarters and got no help, just the information that half the money would be released on Friday, which is one week after it was deposited. Then, at the recommendation of The Fiance, I called the guy who set up our account, who was not in. I did talk to someone at that branch who encouraged me to call back Monday (despite my explaining that we had to give the deposit Sunday...). Then The Fiance called WaMu central who directed them to the branch where my mom had deposited the money, because according to everyone, they're who had the hold. Well, everyone lies, because they don't have a hold. And the bank manager told The Fiance that just because someone tells us something doesn't mean it's true or that they have to follow it. Man, their customer service is just fan-freaking-tastic. I'm just so impressed. Way to wine-and-dine me.

Apparently the hold is because my mom deposited such a big amount at once, which is interesting since the guy who opened our account said it wouldn't matter. Everyone we talked to was happy to point out that they'd cleared 100 dollars of the deposit, and let's just say that those declarations weren't met with a whole lot of enthusiasm from us.

So after discovering that we couldn't wire the money without my mom calling and stopping the check, which would then earn me a 25 dollar fine (not for overdrawing my account, for depositing a stopped check, don't even get me started on how completely and totally stupid that rule is), we figured out a different method. I had to call and check with the wedding place, but everything's a go.

Speaking of going, The Fiance is back in New Orleans, which means I'm terribly lonely and jealous. He's out playing with friends and I'm staying at The Fiance's parent's house, with my Future Father-in-law (who is actually a very nice guy and who I just sat with for 2 hours flipping through wedding and baby albums). I feel like singing the Cheers themesong, I want to be where everybody knows my name, and they're all glad I came. I never thought when I moved to New Orleans that I'd be homesick for it while in California, but all I'd like right now is to be with my guy and my cat in my house near my (few) friends and familiar places.

Like I said, the original crisis has been averted, so now we're ready for all the new ones, not including the general melancholy which has returned to my life and the fact that I sunburned my whole backside, including my ass when I fell asleep by the pool today. Woe is me.


kim-d said...

Well, I'm really glad you were able to get it straightened out; that means that all of your wedding plans so far are meant to be. You are staying at The Mr's parents' house????? Whoa! This is a very good development; what happened? And I know how you feel with The Mr. back in NO. The first year Bill and I were together, I took my soon-to-be stepdaughter with me to see my out-of-state parents at Christmas time. I had never experienced missing somebody like that before! Really, even though we were having a good time, it was excruciating--the missing him. That was the first and last time I went away for a week without him!