Alert the Media.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Houston, we have a date. And a location.


I finally made a decision between the 2 places we narrowed our wedding search down to and I realized that I really preferred one and that it didn't make any sense to continue discussing it because, hey, this is my wedding and I get to pick what I want, not what my family thinks is more convenient, or what might be a few hundred dollars cheaper. So assuming they still have our date open, we have a date and a location. I'm super excited and feeling just so unbelievably happy right now.

In other news, I got the wonderful experience of peeing in a cup at an Urgent Care facility this morning. It's like looking at my tea colored urine was my pennance for letting this UTI go for 4 days before doing anything, and now my urinary tract has gone on strike. I'm now on a huge dosage of Cipro, so if you (especially you Anonymous Hate-Commenter) would like to send some Anthrax my way, now's the time.

And work starts tomorrow. Big things happening all the time, someone should alert the media.


mitchgib said...

Hi, just a fellow blogger wandering around-watch the Cipro, can give you a wopping tummy ache, but works really well !

kim-d said...

Oh no, hate commenter? You mean the one that I think is your Professor, or was there another one? Just curious. And speak of curiosity; you have a date and location? Will you be divulging the info or not? You know I want to know! And I agree with you 150%; you are the bride, it will be your day, and you should have all things wedding-related exactly as YOU want them. DO NOT let anybody bully you into anything other than what your heart's desire is for your special day. You WILL only be doing this once, so it should be your way all the way! Oh look at that, would ya? I gave my unsolicited opinion again; how shocking!!! HAHAHA. You didn't ask, but I'm still in house-spiffing-up-hell, so that's why I haven't been commenting as much. BUT, there is light at the end of the tunnel and, by this time next week, I should be in good shape. SO, I'll be back to my regular commenting schedule; lucky you!

Cipro, huh? Good stuff, but very wicked on the gut for me. If I remember correctly, it didn't completely agree with you either, did it? Hopefully, it will clear up the UTI with no fuss and no muss!

PC said...

Hi Katie. Dont let anyone get you down. You are a great person and you are not a bad friend. Keep your chin up