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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Yesterday was essentially comprised of watching Pirates of the Carribbean. We were going to see the 3rd movie (more on my feelings about trilogies another time) at night, so we thought it would be a reasonably good idea to watch the 2nd one earlier in the day since neither The Fiance nor I could remember exactly what had happened. It took about 4 hours to get through the 2nd one because I decided to take a nap right in the middle of it, but we finished it, and I found that I actually liked it better than the first time I saw it.

For the record, I have excellent hearing. I'm watching tv right now on volume level 8 (I'm not exaggerating for a change) and when I watch tv with The Fiance, or most people for that matter, we watch it somewhere between levels 25 and 37 (again, no exaggeration), I have bat hearing (that doesn't mean I always listen, but I hear very well). There is a woman in these movies, (the one who looks like she ate a whole bunch of black jelly beans and hasn't showered in decades), and she's just plain unintelligible. I cannot understand a single word she says, whether the volume is at 2 or 2000. The first time we saw Pirates 2, I thought she was speaking a different language. It doesn't help that she uses entirely the wrong tense (her = she, etc) and that you can't stare directly at her mouth for fear that it will ooze more black stuff, but seriously, would it kill them to make her accent just a *little* bit easier to listen to? We had to rewind Pirates 2 about 12 different times to even decipher the topic she was slurring about.

Then we saw the 3rd movie (no worries, I couldn't give you spoilers even if I wanted to). If I had to estimate, I'd say it was about a thousand hours long, give or take. And there were about 4 points during the movie where I couldn't tell if I was a) watching a really odd movie; b) having a nervous breakdown; or c) having a fantasy about Johnny Depp. I'm not saying it's a bad movie, because it's not bad, there are some great points in it. Really, great jokes, good plot twists, fun character, etc. It's just long. And hard to follow. And long. And so full of special effects it's mind boggling that robots haven't taken over the world. And did I mention it was long? Because it is.


kim-d said...

Well, then, that makes me really glad I didn't see PofC 1 & 2, so I won't miss seeing 3! I'm still working on getting out to see "Waitress" but I need to be sure I won't hack and cough through it. It'll probably be on DVD by that time. But I'm not bitter about being sick...

You're lucky with the bat hearing. All of my many years of loud music and headphones has caught up with me. Now I have to have the music/TV/whatever REALLY loud. That's okay though, because 1) it goes right along with everything else about me that is failing early and 2) my "era" has had the best music!

Ewwwww...on the black jellybean mouth!

kim-d said...

Me again. I just hopped back over here from CB. I just want you to know I am here for ya if ya want to talk. "Losing" people is never easy, and it never gets easier. Some of us are just made like that, and some aren't. Even though it hurts like the dickens, I'm still glad I'm one of the ones that was made like that.