Waiter...forklift please.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

I have done more eating in the last week than in most of the rest of my natural born life. When anyone's parents come to town we always get really excited because it means good food that we don't pay for, which really, is just the best kind of food. Hell, even bad food we don't pay for is pretty awesome.

Yesterday I went out to a very special brunch with the Fiance (more details to come on that, if I get permission from The Fiance first), which consisted of a Warm Baked Apple in Double Cream (I think I earned myself an angioplasty there), then a wonderful shrimp cajun cocktail, followed with bananas foster, where I think the person doing the flambe-ing almost lost his eyebrows (and I felt the warmth of the flame nearly 10 feet away). It was quite a flame. Then as a mid-afternoon snack, since we'd had a big brunch and were going out to dinner, we had an order of cheese fries (I'm thinking double bypass now, but it was deliciously good). And dinner was a chicken cesear sandwhich with friend onion strings and a piece of cheesecake. I know, I'm just asking for multiple heart surgeries, but it hurts so good.

Now today, we're going out to brunch again (we're brunch people, can you tell?) and I can already tell you what I'll be ordering, because I look forward to this place like a fat kid looks forward to going to a candy store (pretty soon, I might be that fat kid). I'm going to start with Bananas Foster Beignets for my appetizer and then a wonderful wonderful salad for my main course and hopefully more bananas foster for dessert. And then we're going out to dinner later. And probably to Cafe du Monde for regular Beignets. I think I can hear my arteries clogging as I write this.

I'm telling you, by the time my mom goes home, I'm going to weigh 3000 pounds and you're going to see a tv special about how they have to lift me off the couch with a forklift. But not to worry, I have a laptop with wireless internet, so I'll still be here, you won't miss a beat.

Now go eat something, you know you want to.


sunshine1178 said...
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sunshine1178 said...

Well, darn it, Katie, now I want beignets, and I just don't think that we have those in Illinois! Darn you and your reminders of yummy Louisiana food!

Anna in IL

kim-d said...

Yeah, kiddo, I'd love me some beignets, too. Which I'd have if I had me some beignet mix, but I don't. HAHAHAHA! Just joking! And yes, free food is the absolute best. I get very giddy when someone else takes me out to brunch/breakfast/lunch/dinner; but I also like to be the one who takes people out, too. Especially when they don't know I'm gonna pay; I love making people happy like that, and then usually they're also a little sorry they didn't order dessert! HA!

We went to brunch on Mother's Day. I ate so much it was ridiculous. Beyond the forklift. We talking crane and removing walls. And an exploding heart. And I don't care. I've made it a week now, so I figure it's all good :). Somehow I just don't think you're gonna end up weighing 3000 pounds. But if you do, I will still love you and I will still comment on your blog. Serious.

Have a great time and just enjoy. Don't worry. Be happy. HA!

PC said...

I know i want beignets now too. And I believe I know the big news lol...but Ill be quiet. But I can be bribed.