Slow Motion

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

This is the longest week in the history of time. Is it really only Tuesday? Really? Sigh.

Things are happening in wedding central, though, as all things right now, it's happening at a snail's pace. The only real new development is that one of the places I'd been considering for the wedding is so far out of our price range that it's almost laughable. And can I say that the idea of a food/beverage minimum is absolutely absurd? Seriously though, it's not like we're going to order food for 50 people and split it to serve 100, there's no need for a minimum (seriously, where's the trust/love?). And more importantly, I'm not sure where these places get their chicken, fish and steak, but they are getting severey ripped off, because if someone charged me 85 bucks for a steak, mashed potatoes, a glass of wine and a slice of cake, I'd probably have to tip an extra five bucks for them to pick my jaw up off the table. So lest you were thinking you were invited to the wedding, I can assure you you're not. It's nothing personal, at this price, I'm not sure I'm going to invite The Fiance.

What's really sad is that I don't have writer's block right now, I just have absolutely nothing to write about. I have no work, no school, there's not really much else I can do about the wedding right now, short of planting a money producing tree, which I hear are getting quite scarce, so I'm just sitting on my ass doing nothing for hours on end, which sounds nice, right? But it's not. There's only so many websites I can read and walls I can stare at before I need to find something to do. There must be some happy medium between being so busy I can't take a deep breath and so free that I'm about to pass out from boredom (and note that this lack of things to do and excess of time doesn't mean that I'm actually going to do any of things on my long to-do lists or actually email people back like a normal curteous human being would, I'd rather sit around and whine about how difficult my life is).

In an attempt to deal with the boredom and total lack of having anything to do I have been going through a variety of "chick flicks" while The Fiance studies for the board exams since he won't watch them with me (or rather because if I do finally convince him to watch them with me, I'm going to owe him several guy movies in exchange). I rented "Because I Said So" this weekend and I absolutely loved it. There was a lot more adult humor than I'd anticipated, but it was still quite enjoyable. I may have to own it. Then I watched "Catch and Release" which was good, but not great. It wanted to be sad and love story-y, but it just wasn't. It really wasn't bad, it just wasn't really anything. Which is the same phenomena with "The Holiday" which I'm listening to while I type this. Maybe I'm asking too much, but it, like everything in the universe right now, is moving quite slowly. Cut to the chase already, seriously. It's not like I have hours to sit around.

In the spirit of curing my boredom, if you know of any chick flicks or otherwise good movies I should see, please feel free to recommend them in the comment section. If it's come out in the last year, I likely haven't seen it, but keep in mind, I don't do any science fiction or "old" movies. Only recent stuff, and preferably lighthearted. It's hard to believe that I can't find anything to satiate my boredom huh? What with the not being picky at all :)

Okay, I'm done, I should probably watch the rest of the movie or the story-line is going to haunt me for maybe twice as long as it's taken to get to this point in the movie. Which is a long time, because EVERYTHING is in slow motion today.


kim-d said...

HAHAHA! Okay--see Music and Lyrics; I really liked it. But, then again, I also liked Catch and Release and The Holiday. I also liked Because I Said So, but liked Music and Lyrics better. I have a hard time getting past some of Diane Keaton's quirks--like the hand-flapping thing. Grrr. Maybe they should let her wear her stupid gloves while she's making movies. Do you ever go out of your house to see a movie? If so, DON'T see Lucky You. I was disappointed. Really liked Disturbia, though. Of course, if you haven't seen them yet, you should see The Pursuit of Happyness and Freedom Writers. So, there. I've done my duty to get you past your boredom-ness. Maybe it was just something going around yesterday; I felt the same way. Finally went to bed just to get away from myself, and I wish I was still in the bed, too! Oh, and don't even get me going on weddings! I really think the "girly wedding thing" was out-of-stock the day I was supposed to get it. There just is no way I could spend what it costs for a big wedding. I mean, I believe everyone should have the kind of wedding they want, as long as I don't have to pay for it. I mean, for pete's's one day! Hmmm...let's see; you can have a house, or you can have a wedding. And that $85/plate fish/chicken/beek? It's not even good; you could take everybody to a great restaurant and let them all order off the menu for less. What's up with that, anyway? I guess I would never make it as a wedding planner, huh? HAHA. Cause even if I was in a really good mood, I'd still think it was ridiculous. But, different strokes for different brides, I guess...

Now how was that for a run-on paragraph. I just did not feel like breaking it up. Have you ever been so ornery and out-of-sorts that you just didn't feel like doing proper paragraph breaks? It's BAD! BAD KIM. But you should be perking up here pretty soon. Since you'll soon be THE BIRTHDAY GIRL and all :) :)!!!

If you're still bored, you could always go read my "Yada, Yada, Yada" post which is about MY boredom and boring-ness. And you could leave a comment. Does that sound too needy? HA! OR, you could go over to Starbuck's and try to creep out the Creepy Guy; you know, see if you can push him over the edge that maybe there is someone in the world more twisted than him? Now I'm just rambling when I should be working, so I think I'll go do that. In parting let me just say that, on second thought, you should probably stay away from Creepy Guy.

Have a great day!

kim-d said...

Oh, $85/plate BEEK? Now, THAT might be worth it. But, $85/plate BEEF? Nope.

I really MUST consider that little "Preview" button...