Shining Moment

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I am sorry for the delay in posting. First I had to acquire The Fiance's permission (he said, and I quote, "you can tell anyone you want" and subsequently, as soon as the thunder and lightning stop and I come out from under the bed, I'll be climbing onto the roof to shout it to the neighbors), then I was entertaining family, then I was sick, then I was entertaining family some more, and well, I've been a little unplugged from the internet lately. But not to worry, I'm back to having tons of free time to sit here and have severe writer's block episodes once more.

Let's see, what have you missed...

The Fiance and I went out to a fancy brunch on my birthday, just the two of us, as a birthday present from his parents (let me clarify that, his parents are NOT here, they just bought us lunch from afar, which is the way I like it). The Fiance brought my very very large birthday present in with us, I think mostly to embarrass me, which is okay by me, because presents in pretty much any setting, are awesome. We were seated in a private little corridor within the restaurant, which was very nice. In general, I like to be in private areas, especially on my birthday when there's a good chance that singing will occur, which embarrasses the crap out of me. We had great appetizers, then our main course, and finally, after 2 weeks of staring at that present, I got to open it. It is a BEAUTIFUL jewlery bureau (it looks a little like this though it's got a little more design on the front). It really was a great birthday brunch.

(You didn't really think I was done, did you?)

So after the present opening, they came by to make our bananas foster (yum) and I had turned around to watch them flame it, because secretly, I am a little scared that they're going to burn off their eyebrows and it's a little like a trainwreck. I don't want to see it happen, but I have to watch. So after waiting for the guy to flame the bananas for like 5 minutes, The Fiance tapped me on my shoulder and told me to turn around. When I did so, there was a plate with one of the silver domed tops on it (like room service stuff you see on tv).

Now, the rest of this is a little foggy, I know what happened, I don't remember the order precisely. But it went something like this, I lifted the dome, saw a small turquoise blue box with a white ribbon, one that looked something like this...Then The Fiance was on one knee, where he started off with, "This is your last chance to say no..." and well, I didn't say no of course. And then I opened the box and found the most incredibly gorgeous ring I've ever seen in my life. Don't believe me, here's a picture (though it was taken with my computer webcam, so it doesn't do justice to the sparkliness and it looks like I'm wearing it on my right hand, trust me, it's on my left).

Now I know what you're thinking, aren't you already engaged? Yes, we were/are. The Fiance and I discussed things a while ago, and we decided that the committment we were making was far more important than a ring, and that because we're both so far in debt that it'll be roughly 10 decades before we're in the black instead of red, that we would move on and do things our own way, and I don't regret it for a minute. Trust me, I LOVE the ring (I'm like a kid with ADD, I stop mid-sentence to stare at it all the time), but I loved The Fiance just as much without the ring on, and the engagement was just as real. Just maybe a little less sparkly. Because, it's REALLY REALLY sparkly.

So you can see why my birthday was so exciting then huh? Several other things happened that day that I'll get around to. But for now, I just want to let the ring have it's shining moment before I go back to mocking perfect strangers and telling you about how the lightning outside is causing me to have several mini-strokes.

Let me know if the pictures don't work. I'm trying this hyperlink thing for the first time and the internet couldn't be slower or more obnoxious. Clearly it doesn't realize the importance of the ring pictures.


kim-d said...

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? You got a TIFFANY engagement ring? Oh, be still my little jewelry-snob heart!

Well, regardless of where it came from, Katie, that is a BEAUTIFUL ring with an extraordinary amount of sparkly-ness. Probably has something to do with the extraordinary amount and size of the diamonds. Do you know that I STILL sometimes hold my hand out and admire mine? Hehehe!

I already told you on CB that I feel the same way about engagement = ring; in that, it DOESN'T. But since you DO have a ring now, it is nice that it is beautiful and sparkly and magical. I really, really can't wait for you to get married, so you can FINALLY get to the REALLY fun stuff...MWAHAHAHAHA! Ahhh, crackin' myself up again. But I AM serious...

I wish I could see you and The Rock in person. I would hug you and jump up and down with you. And we might even clap our hands! Tell The Mr. for me that he's got a good eye for diamonds, which is a thing that's handy to have in your Mr.!!!

Yes, you WILL be having an exceptional 24th year, won't you? I am so happy for you...