Oh the irony.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Well, I didn't need a forklift to get home from the restaurant, but I'm pretty sure I had a stomach virus Sunday night, which definitely stopped some of the eating. I have been feeling alright since, but the Fiance seems to have it now. It's nothing horrible, and it may very well just be that we've eaten so very much that our bodies are rejecting all food now, but know that we are alive and expect an extra special update tonight/tomorrow.



kim-d said...

Oh my gosh. Will this update be like the 2007 version of "AND NOW...TONIGHT...A VERY SPECIAL EPISODE OF 'BLOSSOM'"?

I am waiting with great anticipation. Cause you already said you had exciting news if The Mr. gave you permission to spill. Could this new update be the spilling? Is it that you have a definite wedding date? Is it that you're already married? I could go on and on trying to guess. So hurry and update, wouldja?