More bang for my 'bucks

Sunday, May 6, 2007

I spend a lot of time at starbucks, which is hugely ironic since I don't drink caffiene. No, I'm not Mormon, or one of those crunchy-granola types of people, I'm just stupid. I made a very stupid decision to stop drinking the sweet wonderful nectar of the gods (diet I long for your sweet sweet loving) when I realized that if I didn't drink it in the morning, I was a sad, and rather mean version of myself. And really, I'm never cranky...ha. So I've been caffiene free since December (save for one Diet Coke and rum, but that was a revenge drink and involves a long uninteresting story) and there hasn't been a day I haven't longed for it.

Anyways, today I was sitting in one of the "comfy" non-wooden sofa chairs at Starbucks minding my own business, studying for my biology final. I had all my stuff contained in a small area, was quiet and not intruding on anyone else's space or life. I was apparently the only one in that category. First, there was a man sitting to my right. Now, there was nothing particularly offensive about this individual, except that he wasn't doing anything. He was just sitting at Starbucks, sipping a water. He was not (obviously) homeless (or if he was, I want to eat at the homeless shelter he does (I know that's horrible)), he was not working, not reading, he was just sitting there. Watching. At one point he took a call on his cell phone and commented that there were a lot of people studying at Starbucks today, which made me wonder just how much time he spends sitting in the corner of Starbucks. I don't mean to start any grand conspiracy, but it was creepy. And he was still there when I left, with a new glass of water. Perhaps his tap at home doesn't work?

About 2 hours into my study fest a group of 4 people came my way including a guy, who looked either very sick or oddly old and three young girls (like 18-20ish). One of the girls sat down in the empty chair to my left (so that's creepy guy on right, young girl on left) and then the other three created a little circle around her so they could talk. Now I was obviously studying. I had my 8 trillion notecards out, headphones on and was very into what I was doing and yet, for some reason, they felt it necessary to be loud, to hit my stuff, and just be generally unpleasant. He guy kept going on and on about "how nice it would be if there was another open chair nearby." And how great it would be "if someone would just share their space." I was waiting for him to nudge me or just outright pick me up out of my chair (though I think I oughtweighed him by like 30 pounds). It took everything I had not to tell that assclown that I had been there for 2 hours, that I had a comprehensive final exam the next day and that if he suggested I move once more I was going to throw his cup of coffee on him and then breathe in the caffiene fumes. Seriously. It's first come first serve and you don't SHARE seats at Starbucks. After possibly 15 minutes of that absurdity, they left, all glaring at my as they exited. I triumphanty sat up, spread my stuff out some more and reclaimed my territory.

I truly do not understand some people. Like the ones who voluntairly give up caffiene. Perhaps we're the real crazies.


kim-d said...

Ya know what? I'm thinking it may have been the week for the schizos to be out and about. I went to a movie Thursday afternoon; just as I do practically every week. It's cheaper, there are very few people and I can take up three seats and sit sideways. So, I'm sitting where I always sit, on the aisle, so that if I do sit straight, I can stretch my right leg out. Because that's my fake knee leg and it needs to be moved every now and then. We're about 20 minutes, possibly even 30, into "In The Land of Women" when this lady comes huffin' and puffin' and banging around into the theater. Of course, I looked at her; it was a natural thing. She stops and says, loudly, "WHAT'S YOUR PROBLEM." Huh? I glanced at her, didn't really even see it, it was just such a quick think, and I was already way back to the movie. I said "what" and then she goes "YOU LOOK CRABBY." Well, thank you for your observation, whoever-the-eff-you-are. Whereupon, I just went back to the movie and she went and sat down and proceeded to make a lot of noise throughout the rest of the movie, to the consternation of the poor people who had to sit by her! Which I didn't, thankfully. I think she may have been drunk. Or else just severely affected by the full moon. Or else schizo. It was just so strange!

As for you, I'm really glad you stood your ground at Starbucks! What a pack of weirdos, huh? And, also, just so ya know--you're doing just fine with your blog, in my opinion! But that's the beauty of a blog--as long as YOU'RE happy with it, that's all that matters!!

Thinking about you today!